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Any Sport, Any Time,


The Premium Sports

Equipment App

Any Sport,

Any Time,


Use the free Equip Sport App to connect to stations and enjoy unlimited access to sports equipment.

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in 3 simple steps


Find your station

Use the app and select from over 200 stations near you.


Choose your gear

Tennis, football, basketball, paddle board and many more… Equip has all the sports equipment you’ll ever need.


Prepare to play

Follow the instructions in the app, grab your equipment and start playing.

Any sport, any time, anywhere

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Start now

Find your nearest station

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Easy: Choose from more than 200 stations in over 50 cities. From Paris and Barcelona, to London and Lausanne, you’ll find Equip anywhere you do sport (and in some places you might not expect).

Free: Basketball, football, volleyball, ping pong, petanque… fitness. With hundreds of pieces of free gear, there’s a sport for everyone.

Premium: Discover premium sports gear in select stations near you. Choose from tennis, padel and pickleball, or rent stand up paddle boards from our lake and ocean stations. + Many more sports coming soon…

The Mission Powering
Equip Sport

About us

The Mission Powering

Equip Sport

We are convinced that sport has the power to improve physical and mental well-being! We believe sport promotes positive values. We believe sport builds more inclusive, fairer and friendlier communities.

The world is changing and it’s our responsibility to change with it, to build a more sustainable future, where we use less and share more. The future of sport we build now, with the circular, sharing economy at its heart.

The Mission Powering
Equip Sport
The Mission Powering
Equip Sport

Everyone should have access to sport and leisure activities, regardless of age, gender, location or abilities. We want to inspire people to move more.

Our mission is to encourage and facilitate access to sports for all in a circular and socially responsible way. Only in this way can the future of sport be for everyone.

Lead the transformation of the sport’s industry.

Become a partner

Offer free hours of sport to your community.

Encourage physical activity and better health. Promote social inclusion, strengthen bonds and reduce consumerism. Offer free sports equipment with Equip Sport, and get everyone moving!

Create your sports equipment rental business

Give your customers access to Stand Up Paddle boarding near lakes and water, or let’s take advantage of the padel craze sweeping Europe. Install Equip stations in your clubs to generate additional revenue streams.

Easy to Install

We’ll have your stations running in under 15 days. Post installation, we guarantee comprehensive support, managing every aspect of our relationship.

Easy to maintain

Use our state of the art, proprietary app and dashboard to monitor your stations in real time. Collaborate with partners or directly with Equip to manage your maintenance.

Easy to track

Access extensive analytics via our sophisticated app and personal dashboard to understand how your community moves. Know at a glance player engagement and preferences.

Together, let’s shape
the future of sport in your community.

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