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Become a partner

Lead the transformation of the sport’s industry

Become a partner

Offer free hours of sport to your community

Whether you represent a city, a company or a foundation, become a major part of the revolution in giving free access to sports to your community.

Equip Sport offers you a turn key solution easy to implement:

  • Installation of the multi sports stations
  • Choices of dozen of sports equipment
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the stations
  • Shared relevant data about your active community
  • Visibility on the station and in the app

Together let’s define each location, offer free hours of sports and measure your impact with our detailed data about our players!

Create your sports equipment rental business

Generate additional revenue streams with our self-service Equip Sport stations. Provide your clients access to Stand up paddle boards near lakes and water, or take advantage of the Padel craze sweeping Europe and install Padel stations in your club.

Equip saves you time and resources by taking care of your sports equipment rental. Attract new customers thanks to self-service rental stations and leverage our network of over 20,000 players.

  • Generate new revenue – Install stations anywhere and Rent out equipment and tap into additional revenue streams.
  • Attract new customers – Offer new and exciting sports to keep your customers coming back. Leverage our network of over 20,000 players to entice new clients.
  • Maximise opening hours – Our real-time analytics and dashboard allow you to optimise opening hours aligned with demand.
  • Save resources – Equip stations can handle your sports equipment rental without any supervision, freeing up your time.

Together let’s define each location, generate new revenue and measure your impact with our detailed data about our players!

Easy to Install

We’ll have your stations running in under 15 days. Post installation, we guarantee comprehensive support, managing every aspect of our relationship.

Easy to maintain

Use our state of the art, proprietary app and dashboard to monitor your stations in real time. Collaborate with partners or directly with Equip to optimise your offer.

Easy to track

Access extensive analytics on your personal dashboard. Know at a glance community engagement and sports preferences.

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