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Your Safety Is Our Priority

Guidelines for a Secure SUP Experience

Safety and comfort are paramount when it comes to enjoying your stand up paddle boarding (SUP) adventure. Here, we provide an all-encompassing guide to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable SUP experience.


Gear Up for Safety


Life Jacket: Your Lifeline on the Water

Regardless of your swimming prowess, a life jacket is a must. It provides an extra safety layer, keeping you afloat and conserving energy in emergencies. We provide life jackets for all our customers, but you’re welcome to bring your own as long as it meets safety standards.


Leash: Your Board’s Best Friend

A leash is a mandatory SUP accessory that keeps you attached to your board, preventing it from drifting away. If you fall, a leash can facilitate swift reunion with your board, particularly in rough conditions.

*Important Note: In a river, the usage of a leash may vary depending on the specific conditions and risks. Please consult with our team or an official instructor to determine the appropriate leash usage for your river SUP adventure.*


Paddle: The Perfect Fit

It’s essential to size your paddle correctly before entering the water. To determine the ideal paddle size, stand the paddle vertically next to you, and ensure the handle is on the ground. The perfect paddle size is 20cm above your height. However, the sizing may vary based on personal preference, activity, and conditions. So, it’s best to test different paddle sizes to find what works best for you.


Board Check: Your SUP, Your Safety Companion

While we regularly maintain our SUPs, it’s crucial to inspect your board for any potential issues such as deflation or broken fins. Always confirm your board is in top condition before you hit the water! If you notice any issues during your inspection, please inform our staff immediately so we can provide a replacement.


The paddle in pair

Stand up paddle boarding is not only more enjoyable but also safer when done in pairs or groups. A paddle buddy can assist you if you fall, help navigate challenging conditions, and keep an eye on your surroundings.


Personal belongings

Please note that Equip is not responsible for any theft of personal belongings stored at the station or for any issues arising from the use of equipment provided by Equip. Users are responsible for ensuring the waterproof integrity of the bags and phone cases made available by Equip. Equip cannot be held liable for any damage, loss, or theft of personal items.

Know the Surroundings


Monitor the Weather

Weather conditions significantly influence your SUP safety. Strong winds can make paddling challenging and affect your return to shore. Always check the weather forecast before heading out, paddle against the wind initially, and stay alert for sudden weather changes.


Respect the Nightfall

Surprisingly, night can creep in fast. Always plan your return well before dusk. Our lockers automatically lock at night for your safety.


Be Mindful of Water Occupants

Remember to respect all other water occupants, including animals, swimmers, and boaters. We provide guidelines on how to respect and avoid disturbing local wildlife and other water users.

Understand Your Limits


Take a Lesson

If you’re new to SUP, we require you to take a lesson with a licensed instructor before venturing out on your own.


Stay in Good Shape

SUP requires both physical and mental alertness. If you’re feeling tired or struggling to control your board, it’s time to head back to shore. Please note, we strictly prohibit the use of drugs, alcohol, and other substances while using our SUPs.


Stay within Boundaries

For safety reasons, we restrict SUP boarding to within 300m from the shore.

Enhancing Your SUP Experience


Dress for Success

The right attire for SUP can significantly increase your comfort and protection from the elements. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are suitable for warm weather, whereas wetsuits or specialized SUP clothing are recommended for colder temperatures. Sun protection, like a hat and sunglasses, are essential.



SUP is a workout, and hydration is key. Carry sufficient water and consider using a hydration pack or a water bottle with a strap for hands-free convenience.


Take Rests

SUP can be physically demanding. Don’t hesitate to take breaks, stretch your muscles, or rest when needed.


Protect from Sun Exposure

Spending time on the water increases your sun exposure risk. Apply sunscreen on exposed skin and wear a hat.